CarbonForBikes® replaced by CLS EVO® on Nova Moto

IMPORTANT 1er Mai 2015 : la fin d’un concept révolutionnaire : Schunk-Group décide de stopper toute production des kits existants, les développements ayant déjà été suspendus près d’un an auparavant. Plus d’informations sur Nova Moto. En janvier 2016, après les tests de routine (montage, usage longue durée sur route) effectué par Nova Moto, le système CLS EVO, graisseur universel high tech made in Germany, est distribué en exclusivité par Nova Moto. Découvrez tous les détails du concept de touring : graissage, poignées chauffantes, BUS CAN sur Nova Moto


Solid chain lubrication involves a compact graphite-based material which also contains other functional components. The lubricant can be attached to any motorcycle toward the back of the swing arm in the form of a lubricating rail housed in a retainer. There is also an option to integrate it into the chain guide on motocross motorcycles.

Lubrication is based on the abrasion of the lubricant via the movement of the chain. This abrasion transfers the lubricant to the chain. It’s distributed over the entire chain and chain wheels thanks to its good creeping ability. This creates a thin, permanent lubricating film within the entire system. The chain is even lubricated while driving in the rain.

Technical data at a glance •    Weight: approx. 400 g. •    Service life: typically 6,000 km •    Ideal for every motorcycle type, including enduros and motocross machines •    Model-dependent attachment near the swing arm •    Suitable for chain wheels made of a wide variety of materials •    Does not damage O-/X-rings •    Does not increase the noise level •    Lubrication can stand up to the widest variety of conditions. Photo description CarbonForBikes Here all the test reports ! These tests are performed by the MTC, Motorrad TestCenter  of Stuttgart (Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany). This organization belongs to the international press group, Motorpresse, however, independant tests are performed for industrials. Here the presentation! Brochure MTC Motorrad TestCenter